Working With You To Get The Products You Want - Whatever They Are

The world is full of great products.  It also has a few lemons.  How do you know the difference?  Well, it is possible to do hours of work for every little product you want to buy, or you can turn it over to people who work with these products every day and have seen what is good and what isn't.

What products do you install on a regular basis?

Crestron - These guys make the best remotes in the world, at a premium of course.

Sanyo - For the money, few projectors can do you better

Panasonic - All around great product in plasmas, DVD players, and projectors

Planet Waves - Custom cabling that is a cut above

Carada - Home theater screens that are top quality yet still affordable

Axiom - Speakers that make sense.  Not over priced, and a lot of quality in tons of finishes.



But this other product is still my favorite!  What will you do to help me?

AV Integrated will work with other suppliers to ensure that if you have a favorite brand, we will get it for you, or we will help direct you how to get it for a reasonable price.

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