System Design

So, you think you have it all figured out?

The drywall is about to go up, and you are wondering, not for the first time, if what you have done to this point is enough to complete the system.  You have asked questions online, or read a few books, but this is your home, and this is the first theater or distributed audio system you have worked with...  Do you really want to take a chance?

Even if you haven't read a single thing about the latest technologies or feel you are fairly well versed on the subject it is a good idea to have an experienced installer take a look at the system design, or help you to come up with the design of your dreams.  A couple of hours may be all that is necessary, or a complete design and build from the ground up can take months to plan, prepare, and install during construction.  But ask now, before drywall goes up.

What happens if drywall is up?

Prices generally triple!  Yes, that's correct.  The difference between running cabling before drywall goes up and after drywall goes up typically triples the time it takes to install the exact same wiring that could have been installed before drywall was put in place.

What does AV Integrated offer to you?

A couple hours may ensure that you have all the adequate cabling in place.  A few marks on the wall to locate where all speakers should be placed and a few of the right questions can make sure that you have exactly what you need before it is to late to change you mind.

I have no clue, what will you do for me?

Everything!  AV Integrated will specify all the equipment you need and order it.  Pricing is market competitive and with an install, you don't have to do a thing except open the door to your home.  Wiring will be run through walls, plasmas and LCDs will be hung, and front projection systems will be setup...  all in beautiful 7.1 surround sound.

When should I call?

Yesterday.  Really, it never is to early to give a call.  If your home is under construction, or if you have an unfinished basement, we can make sure all the wiring you need, is properly run to every location you need it in.  The normal 7.1 front projection theater system with basic IR and lighting control requires about 20 different wires to be run throughout the room.  Call now, shoot us an email, get more information.

What is possible during construction?

Full distributed audio and video design is available with control systems from Crestron and the best audio you can get.  Imagine music in every room of your home, a camera door phone that seamlessly integrates with your phone system, and security cameras out back by the pool to allow you to always keep an eye on the kids.  Imagine a single button that turns on your surround system and puts on cable TV which the kids and parents can figure out in no time at all.

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